Sustainable Health Diet Policy & Programs

With my dissertation research, I seek to understand what motivates local governments to adopt strategies to support the progression of sustainable healthy diets and to evaluate, once adopted, what strategies are effective. This will inform how we alter food systems to support climate change mitigation targets in the long term. I am uniquely positioned, both academically and professionally, to answer these questions, and my research aims are crafted with input from national and international government partners. For this work I use:


Food System Resilience

As a part of a project funded by the National Science Foundation, our team and partners at Johns Hopkins and American University have been working with five cities across the United States to co-develop resources that support local governments’ abilities to plan for and recover from disruptive events. I was responsible for co-developing and writing the Planning Guide, as well as leading on evaluation research components.


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Before starting my Ph.D., much of my research focused on the role of academic institutions in advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. While obtaining my Master of Public Health, I managed a research project to understand how Yale University’s research and teaching relate to the SDGs. We developed a database with over 100,000 data points which has been used internally to develop new partnerships and by peer institutions to inform their programs. Due to my continued interest in this topic, following my graduation from Yale, I obtained funding from the Yale University Office of Sustainability and the International Alliance of Research Universities to continue to advance this work. We developed multiple reports and resources to help inform this work at higher education institutions and a web-based publication.